Who we are

Who we are

MCZDIRECT.com is a growing brand that collects the efforts of a global network of dealers, specialized in the independent distribution on a worldwide scale of products for digital photography and general customer electronics.

MCZDIRECT, based in Singapore, is the leading Company of the network. It sources products form the countries of origin (mainly from Asia but also from the United States and Canada) and exports them either to main European Countries under the mczdirect logo, or towards other markets of interest under localized brands.

The cooperation and competition among different suppliers allows us to acquire goods at very competitive wholesale pricing, usually far below the prices imposed and regulated by the the european manufacturers' official distributionship agreements. This is a key factor in our business, together with stock availability in our european warehouse and the ability to source hard-to-find and new products immediatly after their release on the market. 

The great value deriving from these advantages is directly passed to our customers, who can get a global reach for their purchases and enjoy a local and efficient service.

As a matter of fact, through our European Logistic Center, we are now able to provide local support for our european customers on critical issues like:

- shipment of products from our existing european stock (reducing greatly transit and shipping times)

- much simplified and prompt support for all major pre-sales and post-sales issues

- vendor's warranty of 24 months on the products sold

In one sentence we give our customers the possibility to access worldwide pricing, with the peace of mind of a local purchase and without the usual disadvantages involved with buying overseas, such as long transit times and dubious suppliers' reputation.

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