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Sony's full-format monster features a high-resolution sensor and fast burst shooting. Get it at the best price here.

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Best prices for the Sony A7R III

With great features inside a relatively compact body, the A7R III is a beast.

Completely redesigned for professionals" was the idea behind the third generation of the Sony hybrid camera. Like its predecessor Mark II, it features a gigantic, 42.4MP full-format 35mm CMOS image sensor with backlighting. In addition to this, it also features continuous shooting at 10 frames per second and, ensuring both speed and accuracy, 399 phase-detection AF points covering 68% of the image area, plus 425 contrast-detection AF points. Phew!

Other key features include 5-axis optical image stabilization inside the body, which he says offers a shutter speed advantage of 5.5 steps, plus 4K video capture, two SD card slots, and a battery life that has increased from 270 shots on its predecessor to 650 shots here, using the rear display.

It is equipped with the same electronic viewfinder as the Sony A9, with a resolution of 3,686K dots that ensures clarity and size. The rear tilting LCD screen has also been improved, with a 1.44 million dot panel and touch screen function.

The camera is constructed of magnesium alloy and is dustproof and moisture-proof. The look and feel of the Sony Alpha A7R III largely follows the design of the A7R II, but there are a host of changes and improvements to be made when you start looking a little closer. 

For example, its menu system has been redesigned and is now color-coded for easier navigation - a modest change, perhaps, but certainly user-friendly. The A7R III's eye AF has also been improved and can now continuously track and focus a subject's eye, even when looking down or away from the camera.

Not surprisingly, the A7R III is capable of resolving an impressive level of detail, which is certainly suitable for A2 prints. Noise control is another area where the camera is very powerful, although it is best to avoid higher expansion settings unless the shooting is more important than the quality of the image itself. The performance of the dynamic range is also very impressive. 

In conclusion, Sony has taken one of its favorite mirrorless cameras and enhanced its performance to make it even more attractive. The captivating mix of a 42.4MP full-frame sensor and high performance that includes 10fps burst shooting and a very sophisticated AF system will certainly help this camera to appeal to an even wider range of photographers than previous incarnations.