Sony A7S III

Sony A7S III, the high-performance hybrid at the best price

The new video-centric Sony A7S III represents a complete upgrade from its five-year predecessor.

The Sony A7S III mirrorless camera is aimed directly at filmmakers, but it's also a high-performance camera for low-light shooting and action, as long as the limited 12.1 megapixel resolution doesn't discourage you.

The Sony Alpha A7SIII mirrorless has been overhauled in almost every area.

Some of the most notable improvements in the Sony A7S III include unlimited 10-bit 4K video at up to 120 frames per second, the new variable angle touchscreen and bright new viewfinder, a larger battery capacity with USB-C charging, a dual card slot that accepts both SD cards and the new Sony Express Type A CF cards, a new menu layout, a touchpad and full-size HDMI output.

The list goes on and on and we haven't even talked about the performance, namely Sony's famous autofocus.

Beyond the spec sheet, we're happy to report that our hopes have been fulfilled in reality - the A7S III is technically complete, there's no area missing.

The Sony A7S III may not satisfy resolution addicts for video or photography, but the reality of the Alpha 7S III is that it does the job it promises to do for both disciplines, with no apparent side effects.

And despite a higher introductory price, the Sony A7S III offers reasonable value for what it is capable of. It's a camera you can trust. And once you've configured it for your shooting needs, it may be our favorite Alpha 7 camera so far.

For such a feature-rich hybrid camera, the Sony A7S III remains impressively compact. Its magnesium alloy body weighs only 699g with the battery and memory card installed.

The A7S III has a better watertightness, so you can rely on it in difficult conditions. It also features a new "heat dissipation" design.

No fan, no overheating, unlimited video recording times in all resolutions.

The Sony A7S III's controls are logically arranged. At the top, there is a shooting mode dial, two exposure dials and an exposure compensation dial, although there is no LCD at the top. Exposure compensation can also be changed via the menu, provided the dial is set to 0.

We really like the touchpad on the back, which is mainly used to navigate the AF area, and the large AF-ON button that is placed just above it, right where your thumb naturally rests.

There are also many custom buttons that become more and more useful as you get to know the Alpha 7S III and what it's capable of. Any shortcuts for controls on a device like this are welcome. Overall, we are not thinking of any specific layout changes that we would like to see.

Sony has implemented a 3-inch, 1.44 million dot variable angle touch screen for the first time in an A7 camera.

Sony Alpha a7S III Body
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Sony Alpha a7S III Body | 2 Years Warranty
Enregistrement 4K à 120 i/s et FHD à 240 i/s. Détection et suivi AF des visages ou des yeux en photo et vidéo. Écran tactile sur rotule. Stabilisation du capteur. La grande variété des fonctions proposées.