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Sony Alpha 7S III Body - Mirrorless camera


The Sony A7S III is a powerful new addition to the Sony S series that takes full frame video expression to a whole new level. The Sony a7S III features spectacular new speed, supreme sensitivity and ultra-low noise to allow you to shoot 4K movies that were previously impossible. With high dynamic range, stunning focus and ultra-strong image stabilization, the Sony a7S III gives you new creative potential.

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After 5 years of service, the Sony Alpha 7S III (A7S III) full-frame mirrorless camera takes the place of its predecessor. It specializes in video and strives to make a name for itself in this field by offering 4K UHD at 120 fps and a novel viewfinder.

The Alpha 7S II (A7S II) blew out its fifth candle before being replaced by the Alpha 7S III (A7S III). Anonymous sources finally got it right by announcing the renewal of Sony's dedicated video camera, after several rumors and quite a few false ones. The Alpha 7S III (A7S III) comes with features that were introduced in the A7R IV in 2019.

The Sony Alpha 7S III (A7S III) improves on the original without going overboard. While Sony claims to have "changed everything" from the processor to the sensor, many elements are comparable. The 12.1-megapixel full-frame sensor is still there, as is a maximum ISO 409,600 for stills.4K UHD is now the standard recording format, and 8K is off the table.

Sony is skipping high definition, unlike Canon, which now offers 8K with its new 24x36 hybrid, the EOS R5. In the fall of 2019, it was Panasonic that offered a Lumix S1H in 35mm format. The latter's sensor can reach 6K thanks to its huge cooling system, which faces demanding productions despite its 35mm format.

Sony, on the other hand, is launching the Alpha 7S III (A7s III) in an aggressive frame with no intention of stopping. If the definition of the sensor is restricted, Sony claims several advantages in return.

The A7S III uses the Sony VG-C4EM grip dedicated to Sony A1 (A1), A7 IV (A7IV), A7R IV (A7RIV) and A9 II (A9II) mirrorless cameras. The grip can accept one or two NP-FZ100 batteries and also acts as a battery charger when connected to the camera via the body's USB port.

Noise and low-light handling should be excellent; due to the increased pixel readout speed, rolling shutter is limited.

Also, with 4K UHD resolution reaching 600 Mbps or 120 frames per second, eye and face tracking autofocus is included. Sony also has another ace up its sleeve: a 9.44 million-dot electronic viewfinder !

Photo test with the Sony A7S III



The Sony A7S III is a high-end mirrorless camera that offers many advanced features and capabilities in a compact, lightweight body. Among the A7S III's top features, here are the top 10:

  • Beautiful 4K video at 120p in 10-bit 4:2:2 internal for unlimited creative possibilities without overheating.
  • Premium image quality with native ISO 80-102,400, expandable to ISO 40-409,600, for optimal low-light performance when shooting video or stills.
  • Increased dynamic range of 15+ stops, bringing out details even in high contrast scenes.
  • The all-new 12.1MP full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R sensor is combined with the powerful BIONZ XR image processor for exceptional performance and speed.
  • Faster, more accurate video autofocus with Hybrid AF, featuring 759 phase-detection AF points, 92% coverage and enhanced real-time eye AF.
  • New XAVC-HS (H.265) and XAVC-S-I (All-I) codecs, 16-bit RAW data output, S-Log profile.
  • In-body image stabilization (IBIS) up to 5.5 stops with new active mode.
  • New touch menu system, variable angle display and 9.44 million dot OLED Tru Finder.
  • Dual card slot compatible with high speed CFexpress Type A/ UHS-II card.
  • Improved connectivity with 5GHZ wifi connection and full-size HDMI port.

The new Sony Alpha 7S III is a lightweight camera that goes beyond expectations. The imaging strengths are supported by a few changes in the physical design, including an LCD screen with a side-aperture joint for better image quality as well as an impressive 9.44m dot OLED electronic viewfinder!

Not only does this camera have two slots to store your files on CFexpress Type A or SD UHS II memory cards, but it also promotes heat dissipation so you can shoot continuously without worrying about slow performance due to slow storage speeds, as other models can experience before their buffer fills up completely.

Portrait photography with the Sony alpha 7S III



  • Stunning 4K video at 120p in 4:2:2 10-bit for unlimited creative possibilities without overheating.
  • Outstanding image quality with native ISO 80-102,400, expandable to ISO 40-409,600 for optimal low-light performance.
  • The all-new Exmor R sensor, combined with the powerful BIONZ XR image processor, delivers exceptional performance and speed.
  • More precise autofocus in both stills and video with 759 phase-detection AF points to capture every movement.
  • In-body image stabilization (IBIS) up to 5.5 stops with a new active mode for crisp videos and photos.

Food photography with the Sony A7S III



Sony has introduced its latest full frame mirrorless camera, the Sony alpha 7s III. With an impressive 12MP sensor and a redesigned Exmor RS back-illuminated design for improved clarity and noise reduction at high sensitivities up to ISO 102400, this new model is sure to be another hit from one of Japan's electronics leaders!

The Sony A7S III ( A7S3 ) is an incredible camera that will take your photography to the next level.

Not only does it have a faster sensor than its predecessor, but with improved BIONZ XR processing power and a reduced rolling shutter of 3x or 8x faster to turn information into images - this Sony body can shoot at 10 fps continuously for 1000 uncompressed raw files.

Example of a photo taken with the Sony A7S III



Filming in 4K UHD with frame rates up to 120p is possible and easy.

You can also record using full 1:1 pixel playback with no binning, as well as 10-bit sampling for even more tonality on your recordings or flexibility in post-production when shooting externally via the HDMI A port in 16-bit raw HQ video quality.

The Sony Alpha 7S3 is a mirrorless camera that offers both high quality and low bit rate coding. The first codec developed for this model was XAVC SS, which uses HEVC/H.265 to retain more detail at smaller sizes while providing good performance when shooting video at bit rates up to 600 Mb/s!

In addition, two other types have been created: One, XavcHS, is an intra-frame format capable of capturing amazing footage even on low-power devices; the other, called S-I, works best with higher capacity storage media such as SSDs or hard drives.

Sony's new A7S III ( A7S3 ) is an incredible mirrorless camera that shoots at 120 frames per second (fps) and offers 4x slow motion video recording capabilities.

This means you can record high-quality, slow-motion footage of your favorite moment with friends or family, then edit it in 30p at incredible speeds!

Also, if there are gaps between moments when capturing things on the fly, such as driving through a beautiful landscape, this option gives us enough time to not miss anything by cutting what was being recorded just before something naturally happens without any interruption to the shoot, allowing for smoother cuts when putting a piece together after editing.

The Sony 7 S III is a mirrorless camera that can record in the highest quality video format, 4K. It also has no time limit for recording and will never shut down while you're working on a long project, nor will it take note of any overheating!

The Sony Alpha 7S3 is a reasonably priced, customizable digital camera for professionals who want to take their digital photography to the next level.

With extensive controls for color, gamma levels as well as black level, this camera gives users the flexibility they need when it comes to capturing footage on set or in nature without compromising quality!

S-Cinetone offers healthy skin tones with distinct colors that match those seen on professional film cameras like VENICE.

So you can be sure your work will always look hot - even if it's being filmed by someone else's pointy object.

The new Sony Alpha 7S III is the best camera in the Sony lineup.

It offers a color profile that produces natural midtones and soft colors. It also has well controlled highlights so you can enjoy all that S-Log2 gives to your video signal while being able to produce high quality footage even after post production with REC709 or Log C gamma curves if needed.

The Sony A7S III is the world's most advanced video production camera. It gives professional filmmakers and photographers the tools to produce movies that were previously impossible.

This revolutionary Sony alpha body can record in the traditional Log Gamma (HLG) format as well as in the BT2020 color space that offers an extended dynamic range of over 15 stops to capture every detail from dark shadows to highlights without any skips or gaps, thanks to its wide 6-axis stabilization system that gives you true cinematic videography capabilities, even when you're mounting telescopes !

Photoshoot with the Sony A7S III mirrorless camera



The Sony Alpha 7S3 is the latest and greatest mirrorless camera from Japan's favorite brand. Featuring a fast Hyper-Z AF system, this Sony alpha body has 759 phase detection points that can focus on anything in less than 2 seconds with incredible accuracy, even if you're shooting video or stills using up to 6 EV of sensitivity.

The Sony A7S III is a camera that can track moving subjects and has AI-based tracking, making it perfect for action photography.

It also features real-time eye autofocus, so you don't have to worry about missing the shot when shooting portraits of humans or animals.

The Sony Alpha A7S III is a game changer for anyone looking to take their photography to the next level.

This full-frame mirrorless camera features an incredible sensor and the latest technologies that will allow you to focus faster and easier than ever.

Photo test with the Sony alpha 7S 3



The Sony A7S III is an impressive camera! It has a 5.5-stage stabilization system, which allows you to take pictures without worrying about them being blurred due to shaking and to shoot handheld photos or videos using suitable lenses, such as telephoto lenses for wildlife photography.

The Sony A7SIII ( A7S3 ) offers a variety of features that make this camera perfect for any photographer. You can use it to shoot landscapes, macros, and high-magnification events, such as concerts or wildlife photos, without worrying about stability issues, especially because you can always rely on the 5-axis, even when using third-party lenses with built-in stabilization features.

The Sony A7S III is the latest in a line of high-quality professional cameras. It features an active IS mode that allows for even smoother footage right out of the box, with additional stabilization methods for videographers who need it most!

Sony A7S III test foodphotography



The Sony Alpha 7S III (A7SIII) is a camera with an impressive Tru-Finder QXGA OLED viewfinder with a high resolution of 9.44 million dots and 0.9x magnification for exceptionally clear, crisp eye-level viewing from anywhere in the frame, anytime!

This viewfinder also features dedicated high-quality 120 fps settings to make it easy to render motion for both you and the captured images, thanks to its physical design.

Its long 25mm eyepieces offer a 41° angle of view, giving it a wider perspective while providing clearer images than most traditional cameras today, without sacrificing too much detail or clarity when zooming in on particular areas of each shot, which is especially great if they're right next to each other.

The Sony 7 S III is a camera specifically designed for videographers, with features that make it easy and comfortable to use for self-recording.

The side-opening LCD screen allows you to work high or low without having to let go of the wheel when working on location; it also has a front-facing hinged position, perfect for vlogging or other self-recording needs!

This touchscreen feature makes navigating settings very intuitive, so they are quickly accessible by touch, instead of fumbling around trying to figure out the menus in general terms.

The Sony A7SIII is one of the top cameras for those who still want to use cards. It has a dual CFexpress Type A or SD memory card slot and can be configured to suit your needs in terms of files saved, so you can have plenty of storage space without worrying about running out at any time!

Like all good things, there are also drawbacks; remember that unless both slots were designed specifically for high-speed transfers (U HS II), only standard formats will work here - so make sure that's what matters most before you buy this baby ;)

For those who like to get creative with their video shooting, the Sony Alpha 7S3 has a more intuitive menu system and improved features. For example, it's easier for you to set up different workflows or select settings that go perfectly with the video recording mode, but also with on-board photography!

Sony's latest A7SIII is a beautifully designed camera that will last for years of shooting. Its magnesium alloy chassis provides rigidity, durability and stability while remaining lightweight thanks to improvements in its lens mount design. It also offers more comfort with a flexible grip at any angle.

The Sony 7 S III is weather sealed to protect it from the rigors of harsh conditions. The battery cover and terminal covers are also sealed, ensuring that your camera can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it!

The Sony Alpha 7S III ( A7S3 ) is a game changer in video production. It features high capacity NP-FZ100 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide up to 510 shots and 80 minutes of recording time per charge, whether you're using the viewfinder or the rear LCD screen, making this camera perfect for any type of shooting!

The Sony 7 S III mirrorless feature a full-size HDMI port, which is ideal for connecting to external recorders.

The Sony A7S 3 is a camera with 3.5mm external headphone and microphone ports, which allows for better control of audio recording when using compatible equipment such as wireless headsets or shotgun mics.

The Sony A7SIII from Sony is an excellent mirrorless digital camera for those who want the best of both worlds. It can be used with a shotgun mic or an XLR input mic, and it offers clearer recording sound because it sends digital signals instead of analog.

The Sony Alpha 7S III is a camera with built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect wirelessly and share images directly from the camera. This feature also allows you to remotely control your shots, which is perfect when you want instant review.

The Sony A7S III mirrorless camera offer three different connectivity options, including two USB Type-C ports that can be paired with an optional Ethernet wired LAN adapter for 1000BASE-T speed Internet access or remote shooting.

Shooting with the new Sony A7S III



The Sony a7S III is the ultimate professional video camera. It is packed with features and its performance has been designed to meet your needs as an aspiring videographer or photographer looking for the latest technology in this field.

The Sony A7S III is a complete camera, perfect for professional content creators. The body has been ergonomically designed with a better grip, a fully articulated LCD screen and waterproofing capabilities to provide you with high quality images or videos, no matter what type of production!

With the addition of color profiles as well as new sensor and processor components included in this hybrid tool, there's not much else to do when you have access to these tools at your disposal, giving users total control over their final product without sacrificing anything along the way.

The new Sony Alpha 7S III is an impressive mirrorless digital camera with a long list of upgrades.

Users can enjoy faster data recording, better image stability and CF Express card compatibility thanks to its many renovations.

With the Sony A7 S III, you can enjoy smoother videos and sharper images thanks to the sensor shift technology and anti-shake stabilization.

This Sony camera also features intelligent active video cropping to bring your content into focus no matter where it is on the screen.

The Sony A7S III is a camera designed for professional content creators looking to get the most out of their skills. It features 759 phase detection AF points with 90% coverage, Eye autofocus that can track humans or animals, and real-time video tracking, making it easier than ever to focus while shooting!

Whether you're an enthusiast trying to capture something on film through creativity alone - or someone at the top of their game wanting nothing more than perfection in every image captured - we know this latest advancement will be a new love when used professionally.

example of photoshoot with Sony A7S III



The Sony a7S III is a full frame mirrorless camera that was released in July 2020. The camera is aimed at professional photographers and videographers who need a high quality camera for stills and video.

The a7S III has a 12.1-megapixel sensor and can record 4K video at up to 120 frames per second. It also has 5-axis image stabilization and an extended ISO range of 100 to 102400.

In terms of build quality, the a7S III is made of magnesium alloy and is weather sealed to protect it from dust and moisture. The camera also has a large, high-resolution touchscreen and two SD card slots.

Overall, the Sony a7S III is a great choice for professional photographers and videographers who need a high-quality camera and camcorder.

Macro photography with the Sony alpha 7S III



The Sony VG-C4EM vertical grip is an optional accessory that can be added to the Sony A7S III camera.

It allows for more comfortable shooting in a vertical orientation and also provides an additional battery, increasing the camera's shooting performance.

The grip is made of durable magnesium alloy and is resistant to dust and moisture, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. It also features a built-in shutter release, AF-ON button, AE lock button and multi-selector joystick for easy operation.

With its rugged construction and convenient controls, the Sony VG-C4EM vertical grip is an ideal choice for photographers who want to get the most out of their Sony A7S III camera.

Photo shoot with the Sony alpha 7S III



The Sony A7s III is a powerful and versatile digital camera that offers many features to amateur and professional photographers.

One of the most impressive features of the A7s III is its video recording capability. With no limit on recording time, the A7s III allows users to capture high-quality video footage for an unlimited amount of time.

This makes it an ideal camera for event photographers and videographers who need to capture long-lasting events, such as weddings or concerts.

In addition, the A7s III's 4K video resolution ensures that users will be able to produce high-quality video that can be enjoyed on a variety of devices.

Whether you're a professional videographer or an amateur photographer, the Sony A7s III is a great choice for anyone who wants to capture beautiful video.

Wildlife photography with the Sony alpha 7S III



The Sony A7SIII is an excellent choice for astrophotography thanks to its exceptional low-light performance.

With its 12.1 megapixel sensor, it is capable of capturing a large amount of detail and producing stunning images.

However, due to its lower megapixel count, users may feel limited to smaller prints or reduced results when cropping.

Ultimately, it all depends on how you shoot and what you want the end result to be.

For example, if you want to make large prints or crop your photos, you might consider a camera with a higher megapixel count.

On the other hand, if you're content with small prints or don't plan to crop your images, the Sony A7SIII will produce stunning results that you'll be proud to display.

Sony a7S III rear view



Low light photography has always been a bit of a challenge, but with the advent of new technologies, it has become easier to achieve excellent results even in very low light conditions.

The Sony A7S III is a camera specifically designed for low light photography, and it excels in this area thanks to its large photosites and low pixel count.

In fact, the larger pixels and lower signal-to-noise ratio allow the A7S III to capture more detail in low-light scenarios than other cameras.

This makes it an ideal choice for photographers who want to be able to shoot in any lighting condition.

Whether you're shooting a wedding in a dimly lit church or trying to capture the night sky, the A7S III will help you get the best results possible.

Sony alpha 7S III, view of the control buttons



The Sony Alpha 7S III is a professional mirrorless camera that offers excellent image quality, 4K video recording and fast autofocus. It's one of the most popular cameras on the market, and it's easy to see why. Here are three reasons to buy the Sony A7S III camera:

1. Image Quality. The Sony A7S III produces stunning images, thanks to its full-frame sensor and advanced image processing.

2. 4K video recording. The Sony A7S III can record 4K video at up to 60 frames per second for smooth, detailed footage.

3. Fast autofocus. The Sony A7S III features advanced autofocus technology that makes it easy to track moving subjects.

If you're looking for a high-end camera with excellent image quality, 4K video recording and fast autofocus, the Sony A7S III is a great option.

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